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The European Commission takes atitude

Imagine a digital world where there are no barriers in communication, a world that is, in fact, a market of opportunities and where everybody is in touch and involved in new technology. This is what The European Commission e-inclusion Ministerial Conference from Vienna is trying to persuade the audience. Maybe you will ask yourselves what e-inclusion means. Nothing easier to explain. All it is about social cohesion, which implies different ways of cooperation between people from all over the world, no matter what age, sex, religion, work field or physical skills. The purpose of the programme is to eliminate digital divide, but also to emphasise the advantages of information communication technology (ICT).
As Fabio Colasanti, General Director of Information Society and Media Directorate, said, the agenda of this year conference is based on three major points: opportunities, acces and solidarity. First of all, the opportunities refer to the chance for everybody, able or disable, young or old, educated or less educated, active socially or isolated to use computers, mobile phones and Internet to improve their lives and work. In Colasanti’s point of view, the ones that know how to handle a computer can get a good job faster. Secondly, the acces is about central services such as health, education being accessible. No one is left behind. Last but not least, solidarity was described as the heart of the European model. We all have to share a commitment of solidarity and participation.The digital inclusion community is the engine of changing. There are some challenges that society must face: globalization, demographic change, but also the power of individuals such as the communities. This is what specialists call “the challenge of the todays”. All of us should be stimulated for realizing the benefits of digital communication. For instance, adgeing well. The Ambiant Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL), which The Parliament adopted in 2007, is very important, because brings people together and they will react positively.For an accesibilty future, for elderly to be actively included in social life, the individual telecentres. such as Telecentre Europe, maintain everyday activities with citizens. Thus, each society is concentrated to built a strong informational system. It is essential to assure that every citizen has acces to digital literacy. Digital must be digital for everyone.
Eric Besson, Minister of State to The Prime Minister with responsibility for Forward Planning, Assessment of Public Policies and Development of the Digital Economy in France also sustains the promotion of an informational society for all.

Editors: Viorica Sîrbu, Tiberius Ţurcaş

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